DucoGrille Classic F 50HP

The DucoGrille Classic F 50HP is an architectural window louvre, fitted with 50HP blades. These aluminium blades have been specially developed to ensure intensive ventilation, thanks to their low resistance factor. This window louvre is therefore ideal for achieving high flow rates of outside air.

Technical features

Visual free area 88 %
Physical free area 68 %
K factor intake 4,7
K factor exhaust 4,55
Ce 0,46
Cd 0,47
Fitting Depth 77 mm
Blade pitch 50 mm

Insect mesh (S= Standard / O= Optional)

SS insect mesh 2,3 x 2,3 mm S
SS bird mesh 6 x 6 mm O
SS bird mesh 20 x 20 x 0,5mm O

Watertightness (with insect mesh)

v = 0 m-s C
v = 0,5 m-s C
v = 1 m-s C
v = 1,5 m-s D
v = 2 m-s D
v = 2,5 m-s D

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