DucoTop 60 SR AK

The DucoTop 60 SR comes into its own in terms of aesthetics given that the punching is not visible. The upward airflow guarantees a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. With its variable depth, the DucoTop 60 SR provides a perfect fit for any window section between 68 and 188 mm perfectly. The window ventilator consists of a single unit and is quick and easy to fit. The top is transparent and fitted with pre-drilled fibreglass-reinforced ties. The anchor channel at the top provides a rapid and secure fixing to the solid structure. The inner valve is easy to replace.

In the sound-absorbing configurations, the window ventilator can also be utilised in situations with light (DucoTop 60 SR AK) or heavy (DucoTop 60 SR AK+) noise exposure. The DucoTop 60 is also available as a dummy. By keeping to the same detail throughout the room, this false window ventilator without punching on the outside or inside achieves an aesthetically pleasing solution. Fitting is identical to a normal DucoTop 60 SR.

  • Optimum aesthetics thanks to “concealed” punching
  • Adjustable depth for fitting on any window section
  • Just 60 mm window ventilator height
  • Plastic thermal bridge top and bottom
  • Available in an acoustic configuration

Technical characteristics

Standard controlManual control
Glass reduction0 mm
Rating watertightnessE650
Ventilator height60 mm
U – value1,8 W/m²/K
Windtightness in closed position650 Pa
Watertightness in closed position650 Pa

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